Outcast in the Underdark

Aust Nailo - A Dark Shadow: Part 1
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108 years ago he was born. His mother, a matron of lolth, took control of the 6th seat of the 8 seats of power. He was to be sacrificed as the third son always are. But the eldest son in House Nailo, a powerful wizard was slain. The only one capable of doing just that was the second son. Therefore Aust became the second male in the Nailo house. His mother sent him to be raised by his sister Vanae. She was strict but as Aust soon realized she was the nicest of his three sisters the other two being violent unpredictable warriors.

Aust was sent into training to learn how to control inate abilities. He conqured them sooner then most. His mother wishes for him to aspire to be a wizard and replace his dead eldest brother but even though he was quite capable of doing that fate will see where it will take him. When he was with the weapons master he fired his first handcrossbow and hit the target right in the middle of the target. It is up to his own talents and strength of will to choose his own path.


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